Winter Check

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the wnter months with a Winter Health Check from T & J Tyres and Autocentre. Drving during the winter months can be more dangerous due to reduced lighting and the change in road temperatures which can lead to increased risk of vehcile breakdown and accidents.

We will make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready to deal with the changing weather conditions ensuring that your vehicle is equipped to deal with the colder temperatures. A winter check includes:

  • Tyre Inspection
  • Battery Check
  • Antifreeze and Coolant Top-up
  • Windscreen Wiper Check
  • Lights Inspection
  • Oil Level Check and Top-up

Tyre Inspection

Ensuring that your tyres are safe for driving on winter roads is extremely important, if your tyre tread depth is too low or the condition of your tyres are poor then you are at a much higher risk of having an accident. We will check your tyres to ensure they are winter ready, if you need new tyres we stock a large range of brands and can recommend the best tyres for your vehicle.


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