Bridgestone Turanza ER300-1 195/55R16 87H available in Cambridge

195/55R16 BSTONE ER300-1 87H RFT Run-flat Tyre


Turanza ER300-1

195/55R16 BSTONE ER300-1 87H RFT

Fully fitted price: £102.00


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Tyre manufacturer from Japan, a supplier of Formula 1, quality product in the high-price segment. Runflat system, rolling resistance optimized.

Run flat tyres

The run flat feature uses a reinforced side wall that, in the event of the tyre bursting, holds it in shape, preventing it from springing out of the rim. This means that in the case of a flat, it's possible to drive a further 150 miles at 50 mph. All run-flat tyres have the RSC symbol (Run Flat System Component) on the sidewall. Run-flat tyres don`t need any special rims, but only function with vehicles that are equipped with a functioning air pressure control system.






H (Max Speed: 130mph)

87 (Max Load: 545kg)