Goodyear Cargo Ultragrip 2 195/70R15 104/102R available in Cambridge

195/70R15 GDYR CARGO UG2 104/102R Winter tyre Van Tyre


Cargo Ultragrip 2

195/70R15 GDYR CARGO UG2 104/102R

The Hard-Working Tyre That Keeps Your Van Moving All Winter Long
Fully fitted price: £90.00


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Key Benefits
Outstanding traction on winter roads
Enjoy confident grip with a tread that features extra biting edges for ice and snow. The winter rubber compound stays flexible in cold.
Quiet, comfortable ride
With the Cargo UltraGrip 2’s noise-reducing tread pattern, journeys are quieter and more comfortable.
Reduced risk of aquaplaning
Directional tread grooves quickly shed water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning on rain-soaked or thawing roads.
High load-carrying capability
The Cargo UltraGrip 2 has an all-steel carcass based on UniSteel technology, which increases its load-carrying capacity.





R (Max Speed: 106mph)

104/102 (Max Load: Unknown)