Yokohama Geolandar SUV (G055) 235/55R18 100V available in Cambridge

Geolander G055 BluEarth


Geolandar SUV (G055)

Geolander G055 BluEarth

Fully fitted price: £125.00


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The GEOLANDAR SUV is marketed for vehicles designed for on-road driving, including urban crossover vehicles and medium and small-size SUVs, which are increasingly popular around the world. In its development, employing for the first time in SUV tyres the BluEarth concept of being human and socially friendly combined with improvements to environmental performance, YOKOHAMA adopted the latest compounding and design technology used in its fuel-efficient BluEarth tyres for passenger cars. Thanks to these technologies, comfort, safety and lower fuel consumption are enhanced while the utility performance of SUV tyres on various road surfaces is fully maintained. YOKOHAMA's BluEarth concept mark appears on the sidewall of each tyre.





V (Max Speed: 149mph)

100 (Max Load: 800kg)