Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 185/65R15 92T available in Cambridge

Vector 4 Season G3 XL All-seasons Tyre


Vector 4Seasons Gen-3

Vector 4 Season G3

More test wins than any other tested brand
Fully fitted price: £77.00


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Lifetime aquaplaning resistance
Lifetime Aqua Planing Resistance. Over time grooves evolve to continuously ensure water dispersion.
Better grip on snow
Better grip on snow through large amount of sipes at the center of the tread. The sipes influence each other at their intersection, stimulating their opening for better grip.
Shorter dry braking & Improved dry handling
Shorter dry braking & Improved dry handling. Reduced deformation of the tire during heavy maneuvers through strong crown & shoulder blocks.





T (Max Speed: 118mph)

92 (Max Load: 630kg)