Blacklion BL4S Cilerro 185/65R15 92T available in Cambridge

4Seasons BL4S XL All-seasons Tyre


BL4S Cilerro

4Seasons BL4S

Fully fitted price: £60.00


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The Blacklion Cilerro BL4S is a true all-weather tire designed for year-round use in North America. Engineered to meet the challenges of delivering performance throughout the worst of the unpredictable 12-months of the year, the BL4S combines the comfort and silence of all-season tyres with the capabilities of a winter tyre. This tyre meets the service requirements for 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certification applied to winter tyres, giving you the confidence to tackle all weather conditions.

  • Reinforced and strengthened casing ensures even and consistent traction by increasing rigidity to minimize tread squirm in high-speed and cornering scenarios.
  • The asymmetrical all-weather tread pattern is designed to deliver excellent traction by effectively evacuating water, slush and snow to ensure that more of the tire contacts the road in every season.
  • Three deep circumferential channels greatly improve handling and stability, while also serving to evacuate heavy snow and slush in winter conditions.





T (Max Speed: 118mph)

92 (Max Load: 630kg)