Uniroyal All Season Expert Tyres Available in Cambridge

Uniroyal All Season Expert


All Season Expert

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Safety and comfort in all weather conditions.
  • The directional tread has specific segments for summer and winter use.
  • This ensures optimum safety and comfort under all weather conditions.
Excellent stability on bends.
  • A more rigid tread reduces deformation on bends.
  • This enlarges the area over which forces are transferred to the road and leads to improved handling on dry roads.
Good protection against aquaplaning.
  • The improved water and mud drainage from the profile and the balanced response to steering movements on wet roads lead to a superb handling on wet road and reduced risk of aquaplaning.
Excellent traction and braking performance on snow.
  • The improved V-shaped tread pattern and optimised sipes increase the area in contact with the road.
  • This maximises traction, grip and especially braking performance on snow.

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 17 Tyres
Uniroyal All Season Expert 225/60R17 99H